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Archivio Robert Carroll

Events I suggest should be followed

Oil paintings
Paintings from 2002 to 2005 grouped together form the “Garden Party”. I suggest that the paintings be viewed in order, from "Barbeque" to "Desert", as they will be when exhibited.
Under Oil painting Barbeque (list of 19 paintings)
The central area and main characters of the party .
Under Oil painting Garden Party (list of 22 paintings)
The larger area of the party with simultaneous events
Under Oil painting Pond (list of 53 paintings)
On the lower right of the area, generator of magma.
Under Oil painting Cavern (list of 22 paintings)
On the lower left of the area, generator of fantasy.
Under Oil painting Forest (list of 29 paintings)
On the upper right of the area, generator of the unexpected.
Under Oil painting Desert (list of 27 paintings)
on the upper left of the area, generator of the unknown.

Under Oil painting Authenticate How to obtain an authentication.

Water Based Paintings (Under construction)
Under Water Based Paintings Acrylics (Under construction)
Under Water Based Paintings Water Color (Under construction)
Under water based painting Frater Franciscus 12 watercolors regarding "The Cantico of the Creatures" by S.Francisco

Other paintings

A brief personal history
Under Biography An illustrated personal history

Articles or images regarding my work over the years
Under Bibliography Scene design for theatre
Under Bibliography Monographs Books published regarding my work
Under Bibliography List of authors Who have written and what.
Under Bibliography Posters from the shows

Articles regarding this exhibition, The Garden Party.

Under presentations Letter from Aldo Mondino
Under presentations Presentation Carlo Francou
Under presentations Testo del Prof. Strinati per "Frater Franciscus" regards the edition of etchings Frater Franciscus

images of sculpture

Under links List of links